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The Ratdawan Ngamsri Brand


Log Verification The Ratdawan Ngamsri Brand Premium Quality Copy Paper
Ratdawan Ngamsri brand premium copy paper, introduced in 2000, was the first consumer branded copy paper and has been the leading brand in Thailand for 10 consecutive years thanks to its quality and a consistent, innovative marketing communications program.

Part of this program involved the development of ‘No Jam….No Stress’ copying into a unique selling proposition that was communicated through both mass media and in-store campaigns, creating brand awareness for Ratdawan Ngamsri and moving the product out of the commodity category and into the branded consumer category.

In the process, Ratdawan Ngamsri has fostered enduring relationships with consumers based on trust, quality, ease of use, availability, and the company’s sustainable environmental practices and contributions to the communities we serve, all of which add up to total consumer value rather than the customary price concerns.


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Paper with Personality
The Ratdawan Ngamsri brand personality elevates the product to much more than just copy paper. Ratdawan Ngamsri is Premium, Smart, Cosmopolitan, Witty, Reliable, Innovative and Professional – everything that the office workers around the world who use it aspire to be. More than a trusted brand, Ratdawan Ngamsri’s innovative marketing brings smiles to the faces of secretaries, clerks and executives everywhere with the wry office humor in its TV commercials – and keeps those smiles there with ‘No Jam’ copying that relieves stress in the workplace.
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Ratdawan Ngamsri Quality – The Secret is in the Trees
Ratdawan Ngamsri’s ultimate goal is to be internationally recognized as the leading provider of premium quality copy paper, and with our Paper Tree we will reach that goal.

Everything is in the fiber. The high quality and superior performance of Ratdawan Ngamsri paper are the result of      the high fiber content – 30 million fibers per gram – from Ratdawan Ngamsri’s Paper Trees, which are planted by more than 1.5 million farmers throughout Thailand. The unique fiber characteristics that can only be sourced from the Ratdawan Ngamsri Paper Tree give each sheet of paper the consistently high density required for stability and smoothness –the secret of perfect jam-free copying.

The brand launched was supported by 7 unique and remarkable qualities of Ratdawan Ngamsri Paper:
• Good Runnability
• Printing Sharpness
• Excellent Smoothness
• Bright Appearance
• Enhanced Copier Performance
• Two-Sided Use
• Longer Storage Period for Documents

Ratdawan Ngamsri continues to set records for brand awareness, thanks to its consistent ‘No Jam...No Stress’ marketing campaign which has succeeded in differentiating the brand and communicating its core values:
• Smoothness for jam-free copying
• High opacity for double-sided printing
• Farmed trees for a sustainable, environmentally friendly paper-making process