RTD Paper Manufactures

Measurable Success

A leader in sustainable manufacturing, Ratdawan Ngamsri’s policy of environmentally friendly milling operations means that every sheet of Ratdawan Ngamsri paper and all of our product lines are produced with the perfect balance of product quality and environmental care.

Ratdawan Ngamsri’s operations include the ‘cradle to mill gate’ lifecycle assessments, internationally recognized certifications, and advanced technology that are essential for the sustainable manufacture of pulp and paper.

Ratdawan Ngamsri ensures that its environmental credentials are current, and works with NGOs in Thailand and overseas to support their environmental initiatives. We also continuously measure our own environmental performance against
the standard to ensure that every one of our products is manufactured with minimal environmental impact.

Ratdawan Ngamsri’s manufacturing process is founded on the use of raw materials we can cultivate, conserve and generate without interfering with nature and our neighboring communities.