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Copy / Laser Paper A4 80GSM

Copy / Laser Paper A4 80GSM

According to the Annual Report of Advance Agro our Xerox copy paper, it was established in 1996 and is registered in Thailand. There was some business restructuring undergoing in recent years and certain interest is transferred to another company registered in Hong Kong. Major shareholders before de-listing included big investment banks, e.g. Credit Suisse, Citibank, The Bank of New York Mellon etc.

Specification :

  • Brand: Copy / Laser Paper (Original)
  • Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
  • Substance: 80gsm
  • Brightness: 102-104% above
  • Color: white


  • Photocopier
  • Laser Printer
  • Fax Machine
  • Ink-jet
  • Copier
  • 2 side copying

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